Educational Farm

Absolute fun for all children: outdoor games, contact with animals, the endless entertainment of farm life, a swimming pool, the study of plants and the surrounding nature.
A never-ending source of information and entertainment.

The educational farm at La Casa di Campagna offers a personal experience with nature and animals for children, and why not, even adults. The aim is to merge a stay at the holiday farm or pleasant day out with a direct experience of the countryside, farm animals, products of the land, and plants and aromatic herbs that inebriate the farm garden with forgotten perfumes.

The concept behind the educational farm is that of rediscovering the feeling of contact with the natural environment and with a land that is often too far removed from the needs of everyday life. Through the educational farm, guests can rediscover the original connection between man and nature, made all the more meaningful by the hands-on experience.

Discovering where the food comes from, seeing first-hand how the plants grow, and experiencing direct contact with animals become highly valuable and educational practices, albeit experienced in a simple and playful manner, and therefore even more significant in the eyes of young children.


The activities at the educational farm


For holiday farm guests
Free or guided tours are offered to families staying at La Casa di Campagna Holiday Farm and those simply looking to enjoy a day in the outdoors.


For schools
La Casa di Campagna organises specific educational programs for elementary and pre-schools, with the possibility for a snack and even lunch.

  • Our animal friends: we visit the farm animals and interact with them (we discover the types of animals, feed them and collect their eggs);
  • You reap what you sow: we visit the vegetable garden and identify the plants (depending on the season); we then hold a sowing workshop with a pot that the children can take home;
  • Grandma’s snack: we provide a few simple ingredients (bread, oil, salt, tomato, jam, sugar) that the children can use to prepare a traditional and genuine “Grandma’s snack”.